Corporate Social Investment (CSI)

  • Jacaranda Children’s Home – Roodevallei supplies food to House 7 at the home on a daily basis.

    The Jakaranda Children’s Home is a non-profit organization (NPO) that look after the welfare of abused children. These children are removed from their parents and placed in their care by the South African children’s court due to: abandonment, neglect, emotional and physical abuse. The primary purpose is to provide the children with clothing, housing, schooling, food, security and stability. In addition, they aim to provide the children with the necessary therapy, life skills and emotional support that they need in order to become responsible adults and curb the cycle of abuse.

  • SA Care’s for Life – Recycled linen, furniture, etc. is given to SA Care’s for Life every year.

    SA Cares for Life is a national NGO that is passionate about creating opportunities for change and giving hope to orphans, other vulnerable small children, women in pregnancy related crises and families in need. Through our different programmes, we focus both on short term crisis intervention and long term sustainable development. We provide places of care, practical support, counseling and continuous replication of our models of care. We offer holistic services with unconditional love and compassion, empowering our clients to have a better future and ultimately to be independent.

  • Tshwane Place of Safety.

    We are a non-profit organisation s in Pretoria and fall under the management of Tshwane Place of Safety Association. TPoSA started operating in August 2003 and the Haven started in May 2007. The organisation takes care of babies and toddlers who have medical problems. These children suffer from severe malnourishment, HIV and TB as well as lung and heart problems.

  • Non Profit Organisations.

    Roodevallei’s offers NGO’s 5% less on conference and accommodation rates when booking their conference with Roodevallei.

Faircity Roodevallei is a member of the following organizations: